Ron Littlepage, the Florida Times-Union’s overly-opinionated  “Jacksonville local-politics” columnist,   on March 22, 2008 ventured into the broader range of gubernatorial wrong-doing under the guise of “Florida Sunshine Laws.”

As is almost always the case, his column was particularly uninformed:

Relying solely on another publication’s reporting, he concluded that Florida Gov. Charlie Crist was somehow underhanded in  using  a private company’s generosity for his own personal gain —

People’s governor ought to fly coach for a change

“That morning, before first light, I had heard the screech of a barn owl and the hoot, hoot, hoot of a barred owl echo through a pine forest.

The light of a rising crescent moon was replaced by the orange glow of dawn.

As I said, I was in a good mood. Then I made the mistake of reading the online editions of several of the state’s newspapers. …”

The discontent of winter returned.

For some unknown reason, and in the middle of  a farmer’s lush green field in South Georgia, Littlepage was suddenly overcome with vexation:

The Sun Sentinel said that last November Skyway Aviation in Orlando flew Crist to California for Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s climate summit.

Obviously, Littlepage and perhaps The Sun Sentinel, were not aware that Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger attended a similar event in Miami earlier in the year.

2008 Serve to Preserve Florida Summit on Global Climate Change

2008 Serve to Preserve Climate Summit

2008 Serve to Preserve Climate Summit

June 25-26, 2008

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger was a KEYNOTE speaker!

Apparently, the two governors are in cahoots to shamelessly promote themselves, as well as environmental concerns.

Do a little research Littlepage.

— k. a. gardner