The Saga of Trail Ridge Landfill continues in earnest.  Are methane gas  ROYALTIES the underlying reason for this never-ending battle?  We have yet to discover!


Jacksonville, Fla. (July 28, 2008) – City of Jacksonville, Landfill Energy Systems, and Waste Management. JEA will purchase from

 courtesy of Landfill Energy Systems

courtesy of Landfill Energy Systems

Landfill Energy Systems the power generated from methane, the landfill gas.  …

Bill Owen, vice president of Landfill Energy Systems (LES) said, “We’re very excited about building one of Florida’s largest landfill gas-to-energy plants right here in Jacksonville. This project is unique in that it involves many parties working together to achieve a common goal of creating an environmentally beneficial project for the citizens of Jacksonville. JEA, the City of Jacksonville, Waste Management and LES are working together to make this project a success.”


Cash for Gas

Mar 1, 2009 –Phoenix-based Republic Services has sold the right to purchase landfill gas from its Hickory Ridge Landfill in Conley, Ga., to Global Energy Systems (GES), Summerville, S.C.

“Republic is very excited to add this project to our portfolio of more than 80 landfill-gas-to-energy projects,” said Bill Held, senior director of renewable energy for Republic, in a press release.


IStockAnalyst on March 13, 2009, reported that the Florida Times-Union’s Tia Mitchell’s on March 13 reported:

Landfill Trash to Light Up City JEA Would Convert Trail Ridge Methane into a Renewable Energy Source.

... The city [COJ] has received nearly $1 million under the agreement [with LES] and will receive $193,500 for the next 22 years under the contract terms.

OUR NEXT CHAPTER … Trail Ridge Biomass War!

— k. a. gardner