Dr. Xavier Goudet follows a 3,000-year-old map through the treacherous labryinth that is Tutankhamen’s tomb. Armed with a laser light “ankinator,” Goudet scoffs at the “curse of Tutankhamen.” He  shall defeat all evil creatures who stand between him and the priceless treasure  hidden within the the tomb!

The script of a summer blockbuster movie?

No – the Challenge of Tutankhamen is an interactive “dark  ride” at an amusement park in Brussels, Belgium. Jacksonville-based Sally Corp. creates custom-designed and fabricated animatronics. The corporation manages complete show production for  amusement and theme parks; retail and restaurants; exhibition/expos;  and museums and heritage centers all over the world.

Akshardham scene, New Delhi

Akshardham scene, New Delhi

The Ashkarhdam Cultural Center is a massive monument carved entirely from pink sandstone in New Delhi, India. A global Hindu religious order built the center to showcase India’s ancient culture and traditions.   Sally Corp. created the original ‘living exhibitions’ for the center 17 years ago –  since time, the representations have performed over 210,00o performances to audience of over 25 million.

Sally Corp. is currently creating a new ‘living experience’ for  the cultural center.  “My experiences with Sally have been culturally invigorating since day one,” said Chairman and CEO,  John Wood. He recalled a monkey-king in Seoul and a Minatour in Madrid.

Sally’s executive management team co-ordinates industrial-design technology; character design and sculpting; interactive and digital control systems; script-writing and sound-track production. Project management handles internal production, co-ordination  with subcontractors, architects and engineers – both globally and domestically.

LegoLand Theme Park - Windsor, England - Merlin Entertainment Group

LegoLand Theme Park - Windsor, England - Merlin Entertainment Group

Wood said while the  amusement park industry was born in Europe, it’s now a “great export” business for the U.S.  He’s headed to London on May 16 to meet with his largest customer, Merlin Entertainment Groups the biggest attractions operator in Europe and the second largest in the world.

Expanded business in Europe, perhaps?

-k.a. gardner