Mark Szakonyi’s Trade, Trucks and Trains blog is directing traffic over to Metro Jacksonville:

locomotive!  courtesy

locomotive! courtesy

The folks at the blog Metro Jacksonville have come up with a way to improve rail, road and air traffic …”


At the conclusion of the conclusion, readers will note:

Article by Bob Mann of Jacksonville Transit Blog

This would seem an opportune time  to mention Jacksonville Transit Blog is linked to flipside florida.

Bob Mann is a self-described transportation pundit and his sarcasm of slow-moving vehicles seems legendary.  He will no doubt be amused  his article, published a full 10 days ago, remained overlooked by this blog until yesterday.

Also overlooked was the Ocklawaha Valley Railroad, which is reasonable because it’s Florida’s Lost Railroad

“A railroad history, big plans, great route, all combined to make this the little train that couldn’t fail.  Evil forces, empires, nabobs and just plain dumb bad luck, made it the little train that couldn’t win”.

Somehow, the description of this lost railroad is eerily reminiscent of  the:

” … worlds busiest railroad station, stripped of its trains and former glory, converted into a Convention Center; albeit with with railroad tracks that pass through within a few feet of it.  … Jacksonville will never regain its position as the rail passenger hub of the Southeast without coming home to downtown.”

Information on the OCKLAWAHA VALLEY FAN CLUB can be found here.

-k. a. gardner