The world of contemporary art will just have to wait for another moment desif.  I decided back in March I was going to surprise myself with Henri Cartier-Bresson photographs from time to time, and at that time he was in Spain. 

About a year later, Cartier-Bresson left Europe for Mexico. He signed up as a member of a Mexican government-sponsored photographic expedition (which disbanded almost immediately.)   

Prostitutes, Calle Cuauhtemoctzin, Mexico City 1934 Henri Cartier-Bresson

While he was in Mexico City, he was based in a crime-ridden area near the Candelaria de los Patos and the Calle Chimalpopoca, a zone reserved for the underworld and prostitution.

There’s no particular reason why I chose Mexican prostitutes as a topic other than these two photographs continue the “face” theme. And both Spain and Mexico share a common language. (Plus I uploaded the prostitutes in March so they were handy.)

Coincidentally, I think Henri was  in a questionable neighborhood in Alicante, Spain, too, because he said of the photograph,

“The brothel was opposite the hotel where I was staying. It was the woman pimp- the madam.  The gay man.  And the maid.”

Calle Chimalpopoca, Mexico City, 1934, Henri Cartier-Bresson