Masterymistery, of Cosmic Rapture fame is, in reality, Steven Schwarz of greater Sydney, Australia. He’s both a blog and Facebook friend, but it wasn’t until yesterday that I discovered he adores Aubrey Beardsley, which is a perfectly good reason to post a “Beardsley Factoid” today:

 Beardlsey was commissioned by J. M. Dent & Co. of London in 1892 to illustrate Sir Thomas Malory’s,  Le Morte d’Arthur. It was his first major commission. Nearly 585 chapter openings, borders, initials, ornaments and full- or double-page illustrations launched what has come to be known as the …

“Beardsley Look.” 

La Beale Isoud at Joyous Guard, Le Morte d'Arthur, Aubrey Beardsley

The Noble and Joyous Book entitled:


Notwithstanding it treateth of the birth, life, and acts of the said King Arthur, of his noble Knights of the round table, their marvelous inquests, and adventures, the achieving of the sangreal, and in the end, the dolorous and departing out of this world of them all, which book, reduced to English by:

Sir Thomas Malory Knight

(First published in 1485 by William Caxton)


UPDATE:  The Le Morte d’Arthur link above is now to the website Arthurian Legend. The site is devoted to Mallory’s book.  It features drawings by Belgium book-illustrator Françoise Taylor.