EPILOGUE:   The photograph “On Times Square” by Dennis Stock, which inspired the lithograph “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” by Gottfried Helnwein that became the poster which launched a thousand crushes is worthy of a post of it own. So, the UPDATE  from A daily edit  is now below the below photograph of James Dean walking on Times Square in the rain.

James Dean "On Times Square" by Dennis Stock c. 1955

UPDATE: From The Washington Post’s Jan. 13, 2010 Post Mortem — A blog about the end of the story:

Dennis Stock’s best known picture of James Dean crossing New York’s Times Square in the rain has been credited with defining 1950s cool and immortalizing the young actor who died shortly after the photograph was published in Life magazine. Many referred to the picture as “the boulevard of broken dreams.” It portrayed the Hollywood hero as human. It was the poster that launched a thousand crushes.

Mr. Stock, who died Jan. 11 at age 81, was a member of the Magnum photo agency, also home to some of this century’s greatest contemporary photojournalists, including Robert Capa and Henri Cartier-Bresson.