John Singer Sargent is somewhere in the Middle East, possibly the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordon.

Bedoins, John Singer Sargent c. 1904 - 1905

Ahlan Wa Sahlan!

A Bedouin is one who was born and raised in the desert or mountain wilderness and lives alongside nature in black tents or in caves.

Someone who raises goats, sheep, donkeys, horses and camels and who knows how to milk and shepherd the goats and to ride the horses and camels. One who knows how to use all kinds of herbs as food, drink and medicine. A person who can navigate and live with ease in the desert.

His life is simple – but his famed hospitality and generosity is no myth. A Bedouin accepts and appreciates what he has and is willing to share this. He is happy to give and to assist. He is proud of who he is and is loyal to his land.

A Bedouin sees bounty where you perceive barrenness and finds poetry in everything.

“It is more than a name, it is a way of life.”

— Nyazi Tours