The story of Hans Holbein at the Court of Henry VIII is too complicated!!  I’m frequently distracted following historical tangents into the weeds.  It’s going to take me another week or so to complete Part Four. Good thing Henry was a poet… 


About the Artist

Basilius Besler (1561 – 1629) was a Nuremberg apothecary, botanist, and curator of the garden of Johann Konrad von Gemmingen, Prince Bishop of Eichstätt in Bavaria. The bishop’s garden was the only important European botanical garden outside Italy. He commissioned Besler to compile a codex of the plants growing in his garden, the monumental Hortus Eystettensisa task which Besler took sixteen years to complete. 

Crimson Peony by Basilius Besler 1613


Henry VIII Tudor

Though some saith that youth ruleth me,
I trust in age to tarry.
God and my right and my duty,
From them I shall never vary,
Though some say that youth ruleth me!

I pray you all that aged be,
How well did ye your youth carry?
I think some worse, of each degree:
Therein a wager lay dare I,
Though some saith that youth ruleth me.

Pastimes of youth sometime among,
None can say but necessary.
I hurt no man, I do no wrong,
I love true where I did marry,
Though some saith that youth ruleth me.

Then soon discuss that hence we must:
Pray we to God and Saint Mary,
That all amend, and here an end,
Thus saith the king, the eighth Harry,
Though some saith that youth ruleth me.


And Happy Birthday to me!