Art, Culture and Civilization meme continued: 20 assorted Van Gogh oil paintings that I’m going to try to name by row (left to right) courtesy of WikiPaintings. Previously, the Van Gogh Gallery’s website said, “Between November of 1881 and July of 1890, Vincent van Gogh painted almost 900 paintings.”  

Back to WikiPaintings and beginning in 1862, I’m up to 1882 (60 images per page, page 14) and so far it’s just been water colors and charcoal sketches. Peasants and farmers working in field or town, women doing domestic chores, some portraits and a few landscapes. Then in 1884 it looks like he starts concentrating on landscapes and still life. Wait. He goes back to charcoal and water color portraits a year later. No oils yet .

Vincent van Gogh, circa 1888

Vincent van Gogh, circa 1888

O.k., here we go… but I still haven’t seen any of the oils in the montage. Next page, here are a few of self-portraits. I’m up to page 21 (1888) and now I’m not sure if I’ve haven’t seen a few of the landscapes shown but his style has definitely changed from realism to post-impressionism.

Yeah, I have seen (not sure which page) the third one down on the far-left; they’re almond blossoms. The fourth one down on the far-right (pg. 22) is Paul Gaugin’s Armchair 1888. Page 23: Two Still-Life: Vase with 15 Sunflowers 1888, the two renditions on the third row of Langlois Bridge at Arles 1888, and I’m starting to bore myself with this chronological description of the Vincent van Gogh category on WikiPaintings.

There are still ten more pages and so far I’ve seen many images I like better than the ones on Art, Culture and Civilization’s montage with the exception of the entire fourth row. And, the famous painting of the sunflowers above is actually Still-Life: Vase with 14 Sunflowers 1889.


NOTE: I’m using this post as a book mark for a Vincent van Gogh (or possibly Paul Gaugin) meme which may continue next week or I’ll make “van Goghism” like a Le moment decisif Bressonism and he’ll just appear non-sequentially.