Day 5 – November is National Blog-Posting Month. Today’s theme is Charles L. Dodgson, again. I’m raising a question I posed the other day.

Was Lewis Carroll (Dodgson), a paedophile, as some assert, due to his unconventional interest in young girls?

There’s a lot of contradictory theories out there so I’m going to try a different approach. I found three interpretive essays on Lenny’s Alice in Wonderland site under the subhead “Discussion of Lewis Carroll in relation to Alice.”  Two are by the aforementioned Karoline Leach.

Lorina and Alice Liddell in Chinese Fashion, C. L. Dodgson c. 1858

Lorina and Alice Liddell in Chinese Fashion, C. L. Dodgson c. 1858

The first one is titled “Lewis Carroll: A Myth in the Making.”  The essay was adapted with permission of author and publisher from the opening chapter of Karoline Leach’s IN THE SHADOW OF DREAMLAND (London: Peter Owen Ltd, 1999).


NOTE:  I’ll probably be reviewing the essay over the weekend. Actually, I’ve already started. This is the perfect quote from her book to end this post:

I am not about to suggest by this that all modern biographers of Lewis Carroll are wilful story-tellers or incompetent fantasists. I am not about to suggest that they have no regard for the value of evidence. On the contrary, the last thirty years have seen something of a renaissance in Lewis Carroll scholarship.

Research that ought to have been undertaken years before, has finally got under way. Volumes of his letters were published in the late 1970s. His unexpurgated diary is at present being prepared for publication.