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Day 14 — National Blog Posting Month. Haha! Exactly two weeks! Aubrey Beardsley was one of the inspirations for the resurrection of this blog which originally was called Flipside Florida. 

Here is Beardsley’s illustration of Edgar Allen Poe for no reason at all followed by Eldorado. There was a book of his poetry at the house when I was growing up. I used to read it a lot. I liked the cadence of Eldorado. 

By Edgar Allen Poe, Aubrey Beardsley c. 1894

By Edgar Allen Poe, Aubrey Beardsley c. 1894

ELDORADO  (1849)

Gaily bedight, 
    A gallant knight, 
In sunshine and in shadow, 
    Had journeyed long, 
    Singing a song, 
In search of Eldorado.

    But he grew old – 
    This knight so bold – 
And o’er his heart a shadow 
    Fell, as he found 
    No spot of ground 
That looked like Eldorado.

    And, as his strength 
    Failed him at length, 
He met a pilgrim shadow – 
    ‘Shadow,’ said he, 
    ‘Where can it be – 
This land of Eldorado?’

    ‘Over the Mountains 
    Of the Moon, 
Down the Valley of the Shadow, 
    Ride, boldly ride,’ 
    The shade replied, – 
‘If you seek for Eldorado!’


NOTE: Since the title of the illustration is “By Edgar Poe” I assume it accompanied an assortment of his poems in a book or magazine. The Literature Page notes “Although ‘Eldorado’ was published during Poe’s lifetime, in 1849, in the ‘Flag of our Union,’ it does not appear to have ever received the author’s finishing touches.”

I have no idea what The Literage Page is talking about. The poem seems finished to me, unless they thought the gallant knight actually should find Eldorado but I don’t think anyone ever does.