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Day 17 — National Blog Posting Month. I freely admit to copy and pasting what I wrote on Nov. 8th:

Today’s theme is Charles L. Dodgson, again. I’m raising a question I posed the other day.

“Was Lewis Carroll (Dodgson), a pedophile, as some assert, due to his unconventional interest in young girls?”

There’s a lot of contradictory theories out there so I’m going to try a different approach. I found three interpretive essays on Lenny’s Alice in Wonderland site under the subhead “Discussion of Lewis Carroll in relation to Alice.”  Two are by the aforementioned Karoline Leach.

"Xie Kitchin Asleep on Sofa,”C. L. Dodgson 1873

“Xie Kitchin Asleep on Sofa,”C. L. Dodgson 1873

Now I’m linking to the three interpretive essays:

Lewis Carroll: A Myth in the Making by Karoline Leach. An essay adapted from Chapter One with permission of the author and publisher.  IN THE SHADOW OF DREAMLAND (London: Peter Owen Ltd, 1999)

The Man Who Loved Little Girls by Ada Calhoun 1998

The Liddell Riddle by Karoline Leach 1996

There. I can refer to today when I want to answer the question of whether Lewis Carroll was a pedophile, which is, “probably not.” 


NOTE: Xie Kitchin was Lewis Carroll’s favorite model.