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Day 19 — National Blog Posting Month.

Where were you the day Kennedy was shot?  I was most likely in the basement playing with my older sisters and the kids from next door.

I remember I was in the living room for the funeral. My dad was home from work. He and mom(my) had been watching the television for what seemed like all day. I heard her crying really hard and went to see what happened.

John F. Kennedy, Jr.  (UPI) Stan Stearns

John F. Kennedy, Jr. (UPI) Stan Stearns

Black horses with shiny black feathers on their head pulling a black carriage. Then the important lady with a black veil over her head holding her kid’s hands. I think I remember seeing the little boy’s salute. Or maybe he was on the news shows in the days after. 

John-John Salute

Via Iconic Photos

Many photos were taken of John F. Kennedy Jr. saluting his father’s coffin. However, the above photo (in its entirety or in its cropped form) is the most reproduced version. Despite its field of view was blocked by the honor guard, the black-and-white photo which reflects the somber atmosphere took precedence over other color photos taken that day.


 John-John was three years old. I was four.