Third Anniversary of This Blog Month.

The most popular post of this blog is, by far, Chiaroscuro redux (February 6, 2011).  Sure, it’s a great post and everything, but if you Google “chiaroscuro,” the featured photo on the post is also on the third row of the Google Images page.

If you Google “chiaroscuro photography,” you don’t even have to go to Images. It’s one of five photos displayed on the top row. The page’s first entry. That’s right. More important than Wikipedia.

"chiaroscuro," by Horatio (2010),

“chiaroscuro,” by Horatio (2010),

It’s not all that fair to the guy who took the photo for my post, but maybe Horatio doesn’t use Google Chrome for his browser and hasn’t noticed. 


NOTE:  I don’t think the browser matters, but the search engine does. If you Bing “chiaroscuro” the image is there but it’s not attached to my blog.