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I was searching for Erwin Blumenfeld Christmas images, figuring maybe he did a cover for Vogue or something (he did) and a found a blog named 50 Watts with a post called Erwin Blumenfeld’s Frozen Emulsion. It says of the photograph shown below:

“Erwin Blumenfeld’s passion for technical audacity is perfectly exemplified in [this] Kodachrome shot… it was made in violation of Eastman’s exact and careful directions. Color-temperature theories were completely ignored. Yet Alexey Brodovitch, art director of Harper’s Bazaar, once said that he considered Blumenfeld the master of color, the one photographer who dared freely experiment in a new way.”

Houdon's "Diana" Erwin Blumenfeld  c. 1945 via 50watts.com

Houdon’s “Diana” Erwin Blumenfeld c. 1945 via 50watts.com

Will Schofield’s blog continues with some technical stuff about the color process and you can click through the Frozen Emulsion link to read all about it. I clicked through to “About 50 Watts.” There it was suggested I “Read Steven Heller’s May 2011 write-up of 50 Watts on his Atlantic blog.” So I did.

Design Blogs: The New Museums

Lacking the burdens of tradition, bloggers are increasingly functioning as collectors and curators of design. A close look at a good example, 50 Watts.

Schofield is a “bibliomaniac” or basically a book geek, sort of like John Ptak of Ptak Science Books in Ashville, N.C. — Remember him? I do. I linked to his blog on my Punch and the Devil post.

I guess where I’m going with all this is to say Heller’s post struck a chord with me. This blog is my art museum. I can open any door to a sight I’ve not seen before, or, to see in a new way. And by the way, the Blumenfeld photo shown here is a perfect visual prologue to the Vogue cover I alluded to for Christmas.


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