Salvador Dalí Illustrates the Twelve Signs of the Zodiac

by Maria Popova

From Aries to Pisces, by way of a confused lobster.

After my recent discovery of Salvador Dalí’s little-known and lovely 1947 illustrations for the essays of Montaigne — following in the heels of his 1946 illustrations for Alice in Wonderland — I chanced upon an even more perfectly surrealist series: Dalí’s lithographs of the twelve signs of the zodiac, created in 1967 as a limited-edition of 250, which can be found in the occasional rare, pricey original folio and which Wisconsin’s revered David Barnett Gallery has recently made available online as individual signed lithographs.

Cancer. Salvador Dalí 1967

Cancer. Salvador Dalí 1967

Gasp and dream — I certainly did. (And for a chuckle, consider the cancer — how amusing to reckon that Dalí, despite his culinary credentials, either didn’t know or chose to artistically disregard the difference between a crab and a lobster.)


NOTE:  Lorna Wood  remembered today is my birthday (because Facebook reminded her, I think.) Thanks for the Brain Picking link(s), Weirsdo!