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For the Queen of Hearts’s royal procession in Chapter VIII of ALICE IN WONDERLAND, the Knave of Hearts carries the King’s crown on a crimson velvet cushion. Yet, in the chapter illustration by Salvador Dalí, there is neither a King or a Knave. Instead, there stands the Jack of Diamonds with a Pinocchio nose supported by a crutch.

I think Jack knows he is lying about being in the Queen’s Croquet Grounds and Dalí is the crutch that allows him to be there. I can only speculate as to where the King and Knave have wandered off, or why the Queen and Jack’s personified shadows seem to be leaning awfully close to each other.

Maecenas Press-Random House commissioned Dalí for 12 chapter illustrations and a cover in 1969, which they distributed as a book of the month. According to Maria Popova in her post about it, the volume went on to become one of the most sought-after Dalí suites of all time.

"The Queen's Croquet Ground" Salvador Dalí 1969

“The Queen’s Croquet Ground” Salvador Dalí 1969

ALICE’S ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND, as Lewis Carroll originally titled his novel, was published in 1854 with illustrations by John Tenniel. My post, Descends into Chaos, features his illustration for Chapter VIII titled “Alice with a croquet flamingo.”

Which brings me to a shout-out for Pia Savage. In comments on the post, she was disguised as “tani” and led me down the rabbit hole to her short-lived niche blog, “The Secret Life of Doormen & Contractors: The murky world of luxe Manhattan Coops.”

I can’t remember what was going on at time, it was this past November, after all, but her comment may have been a sarcastic reference to the Facebook nation.


NOTE: Pia’s personal blog is without theme other than originality of thought. Courting Destiny will be 10 years old come August 2014.