There is no "Right Way Up." Steven Schwarz  Sydney, Oct. 2014

There is no “Right Way Up.” Steven Schwarz, Sydney Oct. 2014

One day I will travel to Sidney, Australia to meet and greet my friend Steven Schwarz. Over the weekend he added his latest painting entitled One Hand Makes Dark Work to his WEIRD FRICKIN’ SHITE! sACRED AND ODIFEROUS! Facebook album. Then he posted it on his Cosmic Rapture blog which in turn was posted to Facebook by me. And linked to my blog now.

Steven had sent to me two of his paintings from that album at the end of last year as a prize for guessing which way was the right way up for his painting shown here, originally titled “And Then I Tripped…”.

This is not really the right way up, though, because his painting is horizontal as his SRS signatory is on the lower right. It’s much more beautiful in real life than this picture does justice.

Thanks Steven… me and the paintings became best of friends!


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