courtesy of Jaxport

courtesy of Jaxport

Ron Littlepage, the Florida Times-Union’s overly-opinionated LOCAL POLITICS columnist, on March 30, 2008, continued his relentless assault on his seeming nemesis, the Jacksonville Port Authority.

A complicated eminent-domain case, which involved multiple parties and environmental impact studies, has ended after four years. Although a circuit-court  judge ruled an appellate court may reduce [Brigham Moore] attorney fees by 73 percent, Jaxport has chosen instead to save time by settling with the firm for $6.6 million.

Once again, Littlepage disregards all facts in which he has no need.

He writes:   If it had been a prizefight, the Jacksonville Port Authority would be flat on its back seeing stars and talking gibberish.

The authority make the mistake of picking a fight with Keystone Coal and threw the first punch.

As this PRIZEFIGHT was ongoing, Mitsui O.S.K. Lines’ Trapac Container Terminal is up and running just west of the Dames Point Bridge. Hanjin Shipping Co., South Korea’s largest carrier, is slated to open an adjacent 90-acre site in 2011.

Carnival Cruise is a Jaxport tenant until that time.

St. Johns Ferry courtesy Jaxport

St. Johns Ferry courtesy Jaxport

St. Johns River ferry, connects State Road A1A between historic Mayport and Ft. George Island and is operated by Jaxport, which supports maintenance at its own expense.

The Jacksonville Port Authority, one of 14 ports in the State of Florida, is under the jurisdiction of the Florida Dept. Of Transportation.

Littlepage doesn’t “understand why heads haven’t rolled at Jaxport.”

Perhaps Jaxport’s predominant business of international trade is far beyond LOCAL POLITICS and well over …


— k. a. gardner